Superior factory fire drill display

Superior care about safe for everyone staff work in factory ,So fire drill lesson is very important and we must keep high attentation and remember safe issue and learn how to protect yourself when something dangerous is happened.


Fire drill is to enhance people's awareness of fire safety activities, so that we further understand the fire and other emergencies processing process, as well as enhance the coordination process in dealing with the coordination of capacity. Enhance the staff in the fire to save each other, self-help awareness, a clear fire prevention and firefighters in the fire of the duties. 

First, the fire parts by the Ministry of Security smoke for the probe alarm, Ling Ding smoke bomb smoke, the control staff then received the alarm, notify the front office customer relations director, engineering staff, to bring walkie-talkie, flashlight, fire emergency, Fire extinguishers and other running to the alarm point. After confirming the fire, immediately notify the fire control room with the walkie-talkie, and carry out the initial fire fighting.


Second, the fire control room check-in personnel to receive a fire alarm, immediately press the alarm program to inform the total station, by the total station by notification procedures to inform the departments and leaders to the scene to organize work.


Third, fire fighting procedures

1, the Department of Security: check-in personnel, with a walkie-talkie to inform the guard on duty, while reporting security manager. By the duty officer with a walkie-talkie to inform the staff ready to evacuate, and into the alert state. Voluntary firefighters from the fire channel immediately rushed to the scene of the fire, immediately connected with the laying of water, strong non-fire power, the immediate use of fire hydrant water for fighting.

2, the engineering department: the value of personnel after receiving the alarm, immediately notify the pump room, power distribution room, direct combustion engine room, the staff on standby, field engineering staff cut off the fire area power. Fourth, evacuation procedures. 


Superior factory fire drill diaplay


Evacuation is a very difficult job, so calm, calm and orderly, all employees in their own work area to guide the guests, calm and orderly exit from the fire safety exit to the safe area outside the apartment, when the fire is difficult After the control, by the highest person in charge of the order ordered to dial "119" alarm, all the staff into the emergency evacuation state, the security department of a staff to the public to meet the public security fire brigade arrived. Security Department of security to open the evacuation of exports, according to evacuation program implementation